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The articles on this website, most of which have been published in our journals between 2001 and 2010, have all been subsequently updated with additional information for inclusion in this website. Therefore because of this they will supercede the original publication.  
Whilst every effort has been made to present factually correct articles, any errors, omissions or new information should be forwarded to the editor for further amendment.

Historical Articles
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Termonfeckin Men & Women 1914-1918

The Turbulent Ministry Of Fr. Eugene Mulholland

Protestant Clergy Who Served In Termonfeckin

Notes On The Townlands And Placenames Of Termonfeckin

An 18th Century Family At Bellcotton

Termonfeckin Graveyard Inscriptions

Catholic Clergy Who Served in Termonfeckin

History of Education in Termonfeckin

Fr. McGuire's Marriage Register

Fr. McGuire's Death Register

Notes on a possible massacre at Termonfeckin in 1642

Termonfeckin Marriages 1853-1881


Chronicles of Termonfeckin (1570-1922)


Termonfeckin, October 1846


Deceased Residents from Termonfeckin Buried Elsewhere



Captain Joseph Reynolds

Captain Michael Cumiskey

James Moore

Vida Lentaigne

Family Histories

The Brabazons of Rath

The Pentlands of Blackhall

The Flanagans of Tobertoby

Songs, Poems and Stories

Memories of Termonfeckin - Seamus Briscoe

A Broad Education - Tommy Simpson

Memories of early school days in Termonfeckin - Fr. John Murphy O.M.I.

Songs and Poems


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