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(By Declan Quaile)

(First published in our Review 2008 journal)


Click HERE to view the Brabazon Family Tree in a separate page. 


Originating from the Normandy area of France the Brabazon family achieved high status in England after the Norman Conquest. It is possible that some Brabazons came to Ireland and to Louth as early as the 14th century,1 however it is William Brabazon who, venturing to this country in the 16th century, is currently recognised as the source of the Brabazon lineage in Ireland. He was appointed Lord Treasurer and Lord Chief Justice during the 1530s and died in 1552 leaving two sons: Edward Brabazon who became the first Lord Ardee and from whom the Brabazons of Rath are descended, and Anthony Brabazon, whose family prospered in Co. Mayo.

The following genealogical and biographical notes trace the descendants of Edward as they became established at Rath in Termonfeckin.2

Unless otherwise noted dates not sourced are taken from the Peerages of Burke and Lodge. 


born c.1619, son of Sir Anthony BRABAZON (c.1583-1636) probably of Callystown in Co. Louthand Margaret HOVENDON of Chinnor, Oxfordshire. Sir Anthony’s father was Edward Brabazon, Lord Ardee. 
James’ brother was Edward BRABAZON (c.1617-1666) who resided at Callystown and who married Rose LAMBERT. Their daughter Jane married Thomas NEWCOMEN in c.1688. They also resided at Callystown, thus establishing the Newcomen family there.  
James had four sisters: Anne, Catherine Magdalen, Margaret and Dorcas. Dorcas married Sir George LANE of Tulsk, Roscommon, 1st Viscount Lanesborough, in 1664 and had issue.  James is recorded as having repaired the castle at Termonfeckin after the 1641 Rebellion and ‘kept his guard in it’, signifying his interests in the area.4 By the early 1660s he had land leased from the Dowdalls at Parsonstown and Drumshallon whilst residing in the townland of Cruisetown.5  He was killed in 1674 in an incident involving Quartermaster/Cornet Charles King and was buried in Drogheda (probably in St Peter’s cemetery) on 2nd November 1674.6  
James married Alice BATES from north Wales in c.1647 and had the following issue:


I.  Edward BRABAZON, born c.1648. Died 1714.

II.Anthony BRABAZON, born c.1650. Second son. Died in 1699. Married Grace COLLEY and had issue, including: 
· Elizabeth who married James BRABAZON and secondly James GARSTIN, Dorcas and James.

III. Charles BRABAZON, born c.1652. Died in 1690 at the siege of Limerick.

IV. Henry BRABAZON, born c.1654.

V.  William BRABAZON, born 1658 (see First Generation at Rath).

VI. James BRABAZON, born 8th March 1661. Fought and was wounded at the
Battle of Aughrim in 1691.7 Resided initially at Carstown and later at Mornington, Co. Meath. Ancestor of the Brabazons of Mornington. James died on 15th January 1728. 
He married Mary COLLEY of Castlecarbury, Co. Kildare on 12th December 1686 and  had issue, including: 
· Jane, their eldest child who married John DISNEY of Belfast.

· Anthony (c.1699 - 17718) who married Mary DONAGH (c.1709 - 1793) in 1732.9

· Arabella, who married Brabazon ECCLESTON, her first cousin.

· Rose, who married Sir Henry O’NEILL.

· (Rev) James, who married Anne (?).

· Mary.

· Henry (1696 - ).

    VII. Rose BRABAZON, born c.1663. Married William ECCLESTON of Drumshallon in 1686 and had issue, including:

· Brabazon who married Arabella BRABAZON, his first cousin.

    VIII. Walter BRABAZON, born 1664. Entered Trinity College Dublin in 1681.

    IX. George BRABAZON, born c.1670 and was deceased in 1697. He married Anne PONSONBY, daughter of Henry PONSONBY and had issue, including:

·  Mary, who married, firstly John KEATING and secondly William BRABAZON.

·  Rose who married Richard WHEELER.



First Generation at Rath


(1) William BRABAZON, born 26th December 1658. Was Sheriff of Louth in

1708.10 His will from 1713 mentions large tracts of land in Louth bequeathed to

his sons and daughters.11 William died on 1st May 1714 and was buried in

Termonfeckin cemetery.12

He married firstly Elizabeth BICKERTON in c.1682 and had the following issue:


I. James BRABAZON, born c.1684 and died c.1722. Married Elizabeth BRABAZON,
daughter and heir of his uncle Anthony BRABAZON of Carstown, and had issue. Lived at Braganstown.

II. Jane BRABAZON, born c.1685. Married Rev. William WYE, rector of Drogheda and Dunleer and had issue, including:

·  Elizabeth (c.1712 - 1782), who married John Urmston in 1740.13


Rath House, Termonfeckin, seat of the Brabazon family from the early 1700s to 1908

III. Alice BRABAZON. She married William HUDDLESTON. 

William married secondly Elizabeth LAMBERT (c.1664-1745), eldest child of George and Alice Lambert of Dundalk14 in c.1697 and had the following issue:

IV. Wallop BRABAZON, born c.1698. (See Second Generation at Rath).

V.  Elizabeth BRABAZON. Married Christophilus JENNEY (1693-1741), and had issue, including:

·  Brabazon, who assumed the surname BRABAZON and was the ancestor of the

Brabazons of Dromiskin.

VI. Ralph BRABAZON. Resided at Gilbertstown.15 Married Jane WISE. His father bequeathed to him his interest in lands at Nicholastown, Lurganboy, Painstown and Salterstown in Togher parish. Ralph was deceased before 1730 with his will leaving the estate to his brother Wallop.          

VII.  Ludlow BRABAZON, born c.1707. Entered Trinity College Dublin, on 9th Nov. 1726. Later curate of Faughart and rector of Ballymascanlon from 1738-1741. His father bequeathed to him his interest in lands at Belrobin in Kilkerley parish, west of Dundalk. Rev. Ludlow died 30th May 1759.

VIII. William BRABAZON, born c.1708. Entered Trinity College Dublin on 9th Nov. 1726.16 His father bequeathed to him lands at Corbollis, Whitestown and Ballyhitch. He died c.1786.



The Jenny Gable in Termonfeckin cemetary, commemorating the deaths of Christophilus Jenny and his wife Elizabeth, sister of Wallop Brabazon of Rath (1698-1767)


Second Generation at Rath



(2)Wallop Brabazon  born c.1698. High Sheriff of Louth in 1731.17 He was a churchwarden in Termonfeckin parish in 1747, 1752 and from 1757-1764. Gained much of his estate after his brother Ralph bequeathed to him lands in Togher in 1730. Wallop died at Rath on 19th May 1767 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.18  

He married Vincentia TOWNLEY (c.1704-1763)of Townley Hall, Tullyallen, Co.   Louth on 18th April 173019 and had the following issue: 

I. Anne BRABAZON, born c.1731 and died unmarried at Rath on 19th June 1800. Buried in Termonfeckin.

II. William BRABAZON, born c.1732. (See Third Generation at Rath).

III. Blayney BRABAZON, born c.1736. Left Rath and went to live at Horsehill, Dunderrow, Co. Cork. Died there on 5th August 1800. Married a widow, Rosetta HEARD (nee WYATT, 1734 - ?) in 1779 and had issue:

·  Vincentia (c.1781 - 1812) who married Daniel CALLANAN in 1803.20    

IV. Henry (Harry) BRABAZON, born 21st Feb 1739 or 1740.21 Drogheda merchant. Henry died on 4th December 1811. He married a cousin, Jane BRABAZON (1732 - 1778), daughter of Anthony BRABAZON and Mary DONAGH, in 1762 and had issue, including:

·  Henry of Seafield, Togher.

·  Julianna

·  Wallop Henry

·  Jane, who married Rev. Robert DISNEY in 1798.22 

·  Henry (Harry)

·  William, who served on St. Helena Island in the south Atlantic.

V.  Lambert BRABAZON, born at Rath c.1742. Had a distinguished career in the Royal Navy which began as Lieutenant on HMS Weazel in 1762, then was made First Lieutenant on HMS Triumph 1772.23 Horatio Nelson was one of Lieutenant Brabazon’s mess-mates in the Triumph.24 Reached the rank of Captain on 25th December 178225 and commanded the Porcupine c.1778.26 In 1805 he was stationed in Dublin as Captain of the HMS Dorset. Reached the rank of Senior Post Captain. He married Susanna GREY (- 1841), sister of Dr. Grey of Jervis St., Dublin, in May 1796. He died on 4th April 1811.27

VI.   Lucy BRABAZON, born c.1744. Married Anthony WELSH. Lucy died before 1778.

VII. Vincentia BRABAZON, born c.1747. Vincentia died 1st February 1825 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

She married Capt. Thomas HAWKSHAW (c.1751 - 1793) and had the following


·  John William (1785 - 1812).

·  Thomas (1788 - 1802).

·  Wallop Brabazon Hawkshaw (1790 - 1813).     



                                                          Third Generation at Rath


(3) William BRABAZON, born c.1732 at Rath. He was a churchwarden in the parish from 1765-1768, 1774-1780 and 1782-1790. William died at Rutland Square, Dublin on 19th July 1793 aged 61.28 He was buried in Termonfeckin Cemetery.

He married Catherine Frances BRABAZON (c.1748-1795) his cousin in 1768, she being the daughter of his uncle Anthony BRABAZON and Mary DONAGH of Carstown. They had one child:

I. Wallop Brabazon, born 1770. (see fourth generation at Rath)                     

                                          Fourth Generation at Rath

(4)Wallop BRABAZON, born 10th March 1770. Entered Trinity College on 5th June 1786. He was a Justice of the Peace in 1798, churchwarden in Termonfeckin from 1796 to at least 1804 and High Sheriff of Louth in 1799. He was arrested during the funeral of his first wife (Jane DUPRE) in November 1800 for a third party debt whilst High Sheriff of the county.29 Wallop was elected a member of the Royal Dublin Society on 30 May 1799, his proposers being Speaker John Foster and General Vallancey. His last recorded attendance at an R.D.S. weekly meeting was on 12 November 1829.30 Deputy Governor of Louth. Improved much of Termonfeckin village during his latter years. Resided for a time at his estate in Dunany c.1815-1820 and also in France.31 Patented a new row-lock mechanism for the oars of rowing boats in 181932 and was instrumental in harbour improvements at Clogherhead in the 1820s. He fathered sixteen recorded children over a period of thirty-three years. Wallop died at Molesworth St, Dublin on 28th October 183133 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery. 
He married firstly Jane DUPRE (1769-1800), 2nd daughter of Josias DUPRE,34 Wilton Park, Buckinghamshire, in London on 19th March 1796 and had the following issue:


I. Rebecca BRABAZON, born May 1797.35 She married George Henry PENTLAND (1800-1882) of Blackhall, Termonfeckin on 22nd January 1827. They had one daughter: -Florence,36 who married Major Richard Chaloner LINDSEY (died in 1875) of Wilfort, Tuam, Co. Galway, who served in the Bengal Staff Corps. The Lindseys lived for periods at Blackhall in the 1860s and 1870s. They had issue, one son and three daughters:
• Samuel William, born in Dinapore, India in 1860. Family knew him as 'Willie.'
• Florence Margarite, born in Dinapore, India on 30th March 1864.37

• Sophia Sidney Rebecca, born at Blackhall on 13th April 1868.38
• Ms? Lindsey, born at Queensboro House on 23rd May 1869.39


Rebecca died on 22nd October 1844 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

II.  William BRABAZON, born 1798 (see Fifth Generation at Rath)

III. DuPre BRABAZON, born 16th April 1799. Officer in 13th regiment East India Company Service. Unmarried. Died at Kaludghee, Madras, India on 1st July 1822 during a cholera epidemic.40

IV. Catherine Frances BRABAZON, born c.1800 and died at Oban, Argyllshire, Scotland on 31st August 1871.41  She married Thomas Knox ARMSTRONG (1798-1840) of Fellows Hall, Elm Park, Co. Armagh42 in 1833 and had issue:

·   Jane Rebecca, married Mr. St. George Smith of Drogheda, lived at Salerno, Killiney, Co. Dublin. Died on 3rd May 1917.43 

·   Diana Lucinda.     


Following his first wife’s death at Bristol in November 1800 and after a period of ten years as a widower, Wallop Brabazon married secondly Margaret CRANE (1789-186444) daughter of William CRANE of London, on 17th November 1810 and had the following issue:


V.  Arthur Wellesley BRABAZON, born 10th September 1811. Ensign in the 54th regiment.  Unmarried.  Noted as holidaying at Henry McClintock’s house in Dundalk in late August and early September 1831, along with his younger brother Wallop and Alexander Bird of Newtown House.45 Died from the effects of fever whilst on military service at Trichinopoly, India on 2nd October 1833.46

VI. Wallop BRABAZON, born 2nd February 1813. He rented Rath estate to his mother and lived at Portland Place, London for several years.47 He returned to Ireland in the mid 1840s, where he lived for two years in Newport, Co Mayo. He returned to Rath and by 1847 hah written ‘The Deep Sea and Coast Fisheries of Ireland’ (Dublin, 1848). He later lived at Tracton House, Dublin. Wallop died at 55 Carysfort Ave, (known as Holly Court), Blackrock, Co. Dublin on 17th April 1890.48  

Wallop Brabazon (1813-1890), author of The Deep Sea and Coast Fisheries of Ireland, published in 1847. 
(Image courtesy of Amy Hageman)

Wallop married Victoria CASH (1814-1894),49 daughter of George CASH, Broomfield House, Malahide, Co. Dublin on 7th December 183550 and had the following issue: 

· Wallop BRABAZON, born at Rath in February 1839.51 Joined Royal Navy. Mate on HMS Magicienne.52  Died on 26th September 1858 at Amoy (modern Xiamen), south-east China.

· Lydia M. Alexandrina BRABAZON, born 1837. Lived at Holly Court, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. She died in 1921 and was buried in the Cash enclosure in Mount Jerome cemetery, Dublin.

· Madeline V. Rose BRABAZON, executrix of her cousin Elizabeth Jane BRABAZON’s will in 1903 with an address at Holly Court, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.53 She helped facilitate the auction of the contents of Rath House following the death of her cousin, William Henry BRABAZON, in 1908.54 She died in 1942 and was buried alongside her sister Alexandrina in Mount Jerome cemetery, Dublin.

·  Kemys-Tynte BRABAZON, born c.1843. Died at Malahide, Co. Dublin in 1865.

·  Arthur Wellesley BRABAZON, born 1845. Lieutenant in Royal Navy. Died 20th May 1880.

·  William BRABAZON, born October 1848. Died young.55 

VII. Edward BRABAZON, born 18th August 1814. Ensign in 16th regiment. Died from the effects of fever at Cawnpore (now Kanpur), India on 7th November 1835.56

VIII. Vincentia BRABAZON, born c.1816 at Dunany and died at Torquay on 14th October 1894.  Married a widower Charles J. KEMEYS-TYNTE (1800-1882) of Glamorganshire, Wales on 15th April 184157 and had issue: six sons and four daughters.58 

IX. James Dupre BRABAZON, born at Dunkirk, France on 24th January 1819.59 Served as Ensign in Malta c.1836-1841, was made Lieutenant in 97th (Earl of Ulster) regiment in January 1841,60 serving with the 97th regiment in Malta in May 1847.61 Promoted to Captain in the 17th Foot regiment in October 1848, serving with the 3rd West India regiment c.1855. Promoted to Major in July 1859.62 James resided at Patcham, Sussex in 1871, at Portsea, Hampshire in 1881 and East Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1891. He died at Kensington, London on 19th July 1900.63  James married Sophia Catherine COURTNAY (? - 1862) of Surrey on 2nd August 1855 and had issue:

· James born 17th January 1857.

· Madeline, born in 1858 and who died at four months.

· Beatrice, born in c.1860. She resided at Patcham, Sussex in 1871, at Portsea, Hampshire in 1881 and at East Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1891.                     

X. Maria Georgina BRABAZON, born c.1820. Married Capt. James Cranbourne STRODE (c.1812-1852) of Robertsbridge, Sussex on 24th November 1842.64 Moved to England and resided at Sion House in Tunbridge Wells, Kent with her sister Emily Margaret in 1861, at Patcham, Sussex in 1871 and Portsea, Hampshire in 1881. Died in England on 11th May 1908.

XI. Madelina BRABAZON, born in Dublin on 16th April 1823.65 Unmarried. Died at Rath on 7th January 1880 and buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.66

XII. Adelaide BRABAZON, born in Dublin c.1824. Unmarried. Went to England and resided at Patcham, Sussex in 1871, at Portsea, Hampshire in 1881, East Cowes, Whippingham, Hampshire in 1891 and at 89 Harcourt Tce., Kensington, London in 1901 with her niece Beatrice.  Died at Kensington on 3rd April 1915.

XIII. Gertrude Harriett BRABAZON, born 24th May 1825.67 Unmarried. Went to England and resided at Patcham, Sussex in 1871. Died on 21st September 1876.

XIV. Harriette Jane BRABAZON, born c.1827. Went to England and resided at Patcham, Sussex in 1871. Died unmarried in late 1896.

XV.  Chambre BRABAZON, a son, born at Rath on 16th January 1829. Lived only a few hours.68

XVI. Emily Margaret BRABAZON, born at Rath on 15th January 1830.69 Went to England and resided at Sion House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent with her widowed sister Maria STRODE in 1861.  Lived at Patcham, Sussex in 1871, at Portsea, Hampshire in 1881 and at East Cowes, Isle of Wight in 1891. In 1901 Emily was still residing with her widowed sister Maria at 23 Waverly Rd., Portsmouth. She died unmarried on 15th September 1915.



                                    Fifth Generation at Rath


(5)William BRABAZON, born 6th May 1798. Entered Trinity College on 6th November 1815, graduated with a B.A. in 1823. Rector of Syddan parish, Co. Meath from 1829 until 1872. Involved in a legal dispute with the Rev. Richard Long over the area of the rectory glebe in Termonfeckin in the 1870s.70 Owner of 1,159 acres at Termonfeckin in 1876.71 William died at ‘Woodview’, Merrion Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, on 13th September 188272 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.

He married Georgina CRANE (1800-1884), daughter of William CRANE73 on 22nd January 1827 and had the following issue:


I.  Elizabeth Jane BRABAZON, born c.1833. Unmarried. Spent her latter years
supervising the estates at Rath and Togher, where she had a tenant John Rogers evicted in early 1887. She died at Grand Hotel des Palmiere, Nice, France on 18th March 1903.74 Her will provided £3,500 for the erection of a new tower and spire for St. Fechin’s church in Termonfeckin, together with a stipend for the incumbent rector.75 The rest of her estate and nomination of heir to Rath was favoured to the first and any subsequent sons of a cousin, the Rev. Charles Lindsay,76  while the residue was left to her cousin and executrix of her will, Madelina Victoria Rose Brabazon of Holly Court, Blackrock, Co. Dublin.77

II.  Dupre Alexander BRABAZON, born 1831. Unmarried. Died from the effects of consumption at Torquay, Devon on 12th October 1851.78

III. Ada Georgina BRABAZON, born c.1832. She died, unmarried, from inflammation of the lungs, at 14 Herbert Place, Dublin on 4th June 1887 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.79

IV. William Henry BRABAZON, born c.1837. Owner of 145 acres at Dardisrath in 1876.80 He was recorded at Rath on the 1901 census. He died, unmarried, on 4th January 1908 at 15 Percy Place, Dublin81 and was buried in Termonfeckin cemetery.82

William Henry was the last of the Brabazons of Rath.


A substantial memorial to the Brabazon family was erected in Termonfeckin cemetery in the summer of 1911.83

              The Brabazon family enclosure in Termonfeckin cemetary



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To Amy Hageman, U.S.A. who provided additional information and an image of Wallop Brabazon for this article.

I am indebted to Jan Barnes from New Zealand, a Brabazon descendant, for her valued assistance in helping to put together the above genealogical and biographical notes.

I also wish to thank Noel Ross, editor of the Journal of the Co. Louth Archaeological & Historical Society, for his assistance with this article.

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